MCMS Summer Programs for preschool and elementary-aged children!

Our summer programs offer an opportunity for children to spend a morning, afternoon, or all day learning and having fun at our beautiful prairie campus in Middleton. Note that full-day and afternoon campers will bring a lunch to enjoy with their friends at the start of the afternoon session each day. 

Look for summer camp Information coming in February 2023!

Two preschool aged boys work together on a colorful puzzle map.

Children’s House Montessori Camp (ages 3-5*): 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Children will relish their mornings in our richly prepared Montessori environment with direct access to the outdoors. Activities may include experiences in practical application of life skills (flower arranging, polishing, and food preparation), work with sensorial materials (activities that engage all the senses), as well as lessons in math, language, culture, botany, and zoology. Mornings will buzz by while learning, building relationships, and having fun in a supportive community!

Young Explorers (ages 3-5*): 12:00 – 5:00 pm 

Our afternoon camp includes music, movement, creative play, art, baking, and other special activities based on the theme of each session. Outdoor activities include time to enjoy our beautiful and engaging natural playground and our prairie setting through short hikes, nature walks, picnics, gardening, and water play. Nature Explorers will begin with lunch brought from home and include quiet time or napping for children still adjusting to a full day of activity. Parents may pick up any time between 4-5 pm.

Session 1 – Tour Around the World: Spend some time exploring the sights and sounds of the world around you. Work choices and games will highlight the beauty of our diverse world and focus on geographical concepts of each continent: plants and animals, landmarks, and work of the people. Music, art, cooking, and outdoor activities will add to this sensorial experience of learning through exploration.

Session 2 – Colors, Colors Everywhere: This session will focus on exploration of all things bright and beautiful in the natural world. Budding artists and scientists will hone their skills to hunt for colors in their classrooms and the prairie landscape of MCMS. They will utilize their five senses to explore natural art, the principle of color in art, and different art media for exploring color.

*Children who are age 3 by September 1, 2023 will be enrolled if they are toileting independently by the start of the session. Children who will be six years old as of September 1, 2023 may be asked to join the elementary program.

Elementary Montessori Camp (ages 6*-12): 8:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Children will engage with Montessori materials to pique their interests and explore research, language, math, and science in our specially prepared classrooms. As much time as possible will also be spent engaging in the natural environment outdoors, using nature itself to teach lessons about the great big world around us. Children who have Montessori experience will sharpen their skills and build upon lessons from the school year, while those new to the Montessori environment will explore new ways of learning and gain confidence in making choices and exercising independence as part of the community.

Elementary Explorers (ages 6*-12): 12:00 – 5:00 pm 

Children will spend their afternoons exploring the world outside the classroom, from the gardens just outside the school walls to the prairie and woodland areas in our adjacent public lands. Group games, arts and crafts, building, hiking, and water activities will all be part of the fun. Your child will have plenty of opportunities to socialize and collaborate with other explorers, while also exploring culinary arts, science, dramatic activities, and handcrafts.

Session 1 – The Edible Garden: This session will allow students to explore the gardens of MCMS and experience summer’s bounty. Students will have opportunities to learn the botanical and biological aspects of the school’s backyard, develop recipes to prepare ripe vegetables, practice art with flowers and greenery, and more. Near the end of the session, students will refill our garden beds with mid- to late-summer plants and learn about the life cycle of plants.

Session 2 – The Mysteries of Nature: Calling all naturalists! Summer is a great time to practice observing the world around you. MCMS’ backyard and neighboring prairie landscape offer ample opportunities for hikes, picnics, outdoor reading, creative writing, and play. Lessons and games exploring the interdependence of native plants, birds, insects, and small animals of our prairie ecosystem will be intertwined throughout the program, and students will be invited to collaboratively plan the group’s adventures in and around our natural spaces.