6-12 year olds

We have two multi-aged elementary programs: Lower Elementary is for children 6 – 9 years of age (grades 1 – 3) and Upper Elementary is for children 9 – 12 years of age (grades 4 – 6). Typically, children enrolled in these programs have had previous Montessori experience.

One of the great advantages of Montessori education is that Montessori Guides are generalists. In an era of increasing specialization, this carries with it a number of perhaps surprising benefits. Our teachers have the advantage of working with each child every day over the course of several years, producing a relationship of familiarity, trust, and mutual respect between student and teacher.  The teacher knows what sorts of topics will spark interest, what strategies foster confidence, what words inspire extra effort, and ways to provide reassurance for each particular child.

Within an elementary classroom, a group culture of shared memories, jokes, stories, challenges, and celebrations is built hour by hour, day by day. Community members teach and learn together, weaving math facts with science, writing with geography, reading with history, music with botany, and art with geometry. The interconnectedness of all inspiration and information is experienced within the classroom just as it is experienced in the wider world, one of Dr. Montessori’s sparks of genius. When students see their teacher model curiosity and perseverance in all areas of study, this in turn inspires them to be generalists too, recognizing that the wonders of the world are available to all. This open-minded approach enriches their lives, even as they each go on to develop particular aptitudes and interests according to their unique blueprint.

In addition to the rich Montessori curriculum, which includes Botany/Zoology, History, Geography/Science, Language Arts, Math/Geometry and Music, MCMS also offers additional lessons each week in Art, Fitness & Wellness, Spanish and Singing.

MCMS also offers an after school program for elementary children whose parents are looking for care and fun for their child after the 3:15 PM dismissal time. This is complementary to the work of the school day with attention given to the child’s need for physical and creative activities.

Montessori Environment8:00am – 3:15pm Monday – Friday
After School Club3:15pm – 5:30pm Monday – Friday

Joyful Scholars: Montessori for the Elementary Years

Below our former Head of School, Vicki McCarthy, discusses the Elementary Program.