Here’s what MCMS graduates have to say about their experiences…

“Montessori is like a good dream that you never want to wake up from. To me, Montessori means freedom, choices, and leadership… it leaves a good feeling with you, like a cool breeze on a warm summer’s day. Montessori and my friends have given me the tools to become a better person and a better leader.”
~Emily Smith, MCMS graduate, 2017

“Some of the wisdom that I have gained from MCMS was how important it is being part of a community and speaking up for yourself and others. I learned that even if things might be hard you will still get through and will come out even better. MCMS prepared me very well for high school and for life ahead.”
~ Hannah Brakarsh, MCMS graduate, 2014

“Now, I must leave this great school, and I am actually excited to leave. Not because I don’t like this place but it’s because of this education. Montessori teaches you to love learning and to always be excited for things to come. Without Montessori, I would be scared for high school, but because of this education, I am excited.”
Philip Anderson, MCMS graduate, 2013

“Montessori has taught me perspective to not only look at how I feel but to step back for a moment and to think about how others feel. I have learned to be a great leader, to take initiative, and to have confidence in the work that I do. Through all the presentations and the research, I have learned to be a great public speaker, to accept people for who they are, to not worry about small material things, and to look at the bigger picture. Most importantly, Montessori has taught me to love to learn and to have fun while learning. I am so glad to have had a learning experience that is different from others which has allowed me to grow as a person in so many ways.” 
~ Camille Smith, MCMS graduate, 2010

Here’s what MCMS alum parents have to say about their children’s experiences…

“I love the Montessori curriculum and how it helped my children become strong, independent learners who care about others and want to participate in the world.” 
~ Laura Anderson, parent of 2013, 2011 and 2009 MCMS graduates

“After a great deal of research, we were convinced that an educational environment focused on the child and developing in that child a love of learning was the only way to go if you believed in your child and his future. [Our son] asks, “Why,” when others are simply falling in line; he sees opportunities for improvement when others simply shrug. He gives great weight to our advice but in the end decides for himself. . . . Our son became his own person [at MCMS]–testing assumptions, examining his environment and embracing the ideas of learning, compassion and justice.” 
~ Nick Chiarkas, parent of a 2006 graduate

Montessori Graduates of Distinction

An AMI Montessori education supports children as they learn to develop their full human potential by helping them “learn how to think.” Some of the most famous entrepreneurs and innovators of today have actively credited their success to the education they received in a Montessori environment. Some Montessori graduates of distinction include:

  • Jeff Bezos: Founder of
  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page: Co-founders of Google
  • Jimmy Wales: Cofounder and promoter of Wikipedia
  • Will Wright: Designer of the Sims video games
  • Anne Frank: Renowned World War II diarist
  • Katherine Graham: Owner/editor of The Washington Post
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Nobel prize winner for literature
  • Sean “Diddy” Combs: Rapper and CEO of Bad Boy Records
  • Julia Child: First world-famous television chef
  • Helen Hunt: Academy Award-winning actress
  • George Clooney: Academy Award-winning actor
  • Dakota Fanning: Academy Award-nominated actress
  • Chelsea Clinton: Daughter of former US President, Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • Prince William and Prince Harry: Sons of the Prince of Wales
  • Joshua Bell: American violinist
  • Lea Salonga: Multi-awarded singer and Broadway actress
  • David Blaine: Illusionist and magician
  • T Berry Brazelton: Noted pediatrician and author