Madison Community Montessori School (MCMS) is committed to an economically diverse student body and welcomes the opportunity to provide financial support where needed to help families send their children to our school. Financial aid is available to the families of all current and prospective MCMS students; however, the school expects families to finance their children’s education to the extent that they can. Financial aid applicants must complete the admissions process to the school prior to beginning the financial aid process. All information from the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) remains confidential and is reviewed by the school.

Distribution of Funds

  1. First priority is to continue support for families currently receiving financial aid.

  2. Second priority is to provide funds that enable families already enrolled in the school to stay with the school in the event of changing personal finances.

  3. Third priority is to consider all other requests.

Applying for Financial Aid

Families must first arrange a tour/observation at the school and complete an admissions application before beginning the FAST application.

  1. Parent(s) must file financial statements with FAST. Applications are available through MCMS’ Director of Finance & Operations, who can provide a link to access the online application, which is then a self-guided process. You can complete a FAST application partially and go back to it another time if you so choose. The non-refundable application fee is $45, payable by Visa or MasterCard at the end of the application. The application fee will be billed to your credit card under the name of “Independent School Management (ISM)”, the company which provides the FAST application service.

  2. In addition to the online application, parents are required to send to FAST a copy of their federal tax return from the previous tax year and copies of all current W-2 forms. Instructions can be found here. After applying, you will mail tax documents to FAST for income verification purposes: FAST Processing, 1316 N. Union Street, Wilmington, DE 19806. Please do not send any originals, and do not fax or e-mail this tax information. MCMS recommends allowing at least two weeks to complete financial aid applications.

  3. All forms must be completed and filed by April 15th to be considered in the first round of awards for aid for the following school year. Incomplete submissions or any forms filed after this date will be considered only after other awards have been made. First round awards will be announced by May 1.

  4. Parents must respond in writing by the date specified in their award letter if they wish to accept the school’s offer. After this date, the school considers the offer declined and the funds may be reallocated.

  5. Each year families must reapply for financial aid. Awards are based on the relative need of the families that have applied, and on the funds available. While the school will make every effort to maintain financial assistance levels from year to year, conditions may change; therefore, one year’s award is not a guarantee of awards in subsequent years.