Supporting MCMS – FAQs

As a member of the MCMS community, what is expected of me and how can I help?

In order for MCMS to be second to none, we ask for active participation in the life of the school. Participation comes in different forms, but first and foremost we hope all families will offer a financial gift to the Annual Fund according to their ability to give. We also encourage families to become involved by volunteering time towards the Family Connection events.

What is the Madison Community Montessori Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is our annual giving campaign that runs in conjunction with the school’s fiscal year of August 1 – July 31. The Annual Fund provides additional funds needed to cover the actual cost of operating the school. These funds are part of the operating budget. Each year MCMS relies on generous gifts from parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, staff and friends.

Why not just raise tuition?

As is the case with most independent schools, tuition does not cover the total cost of educating each student. Contributions to the Annual Fund make up the difference needed to cover the actual cost of operating the school. The Annual Fund, along with our other fundraisers, helps us to bridge this gap and further our goal in providing an exceptional Montessori education to many in the greater community.

MCMS strives to keep tuition as affordable as possible. We have always valued a school community that reflects a wide diversity of racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Tuition is not tax deductible, but your gift to the Annual Fund is to the fullest extent of the law.

Why is participation important?

High participation signals institutional strength and school pride. It also means that more individuals are sharing the financial responsibility to support the school. Across the nation, independent school families are making it clear that they understand the need to support schools to the best of their ability. Participation in the Madison Community Montessori Annual Fund also unites us in supporting a place that we all love and demonstrates commitment to the children in our school. It also encourages others, who do not currently attend MCMS, to join us in supporting our school.

High participation is a powerful statement of support and confidence that impacts the school far beyond the actual dollars received. The greater our voluntary financial support, the greater our ability to leverage gifts from outside sources, to attract exceptional educators, and to continue to raise the bar of our own achievement. It strengthens our community by the value statement it makes.

How much am I expected to give?

We ask our families to give to the best of their ability and at a level that demonstrates the value placed on an exemplary education. If every family gave $350, our goal would be satisfied.

When will I be asked to participate in the Annual Fund campaign?

In October, you will receive a written request for participation along with a pledge card. Shortly afterwards, volunteers make follow-up phone calls to those who have not donated or pledged.

What does the Annual Fund support?

Gifts to the Annual Fund are used to support a variety of areas of campus needs. In most cases, it is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and the school administration to determine where your gift will have the greatest impact.

Who do I contact to make gift, volunteer, or get more information?

Please contact Director of Development, Laura Spitzig, by phone at
608-827-6267, or via email at .