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Imagine your child collaborating with other children of different ages, exploring a variety of concepts through specially designed hands-on materials, and being given the gift of time to pursue their own natural interests. Imagine a place where your child is encouraged to participate freely in lessons specifically tailored to their individual level of interest and ability. This is a Montessori classroom!

For forty-eight years, Madison Community Montessori School has been successfully serving families in the greater Madison area. We are a private, independent, non-profit Montessori school accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) that provides a Montessori education for toddlers through eighth grade. We currently serve over 150 students, who are busy learning and growing under our roof every day.

Because seeing is believing, we invite you to visit our state-of-the-art school, which is beautifully nestled on 2+ acres, surrounded by a prairie, some farmland and a park. Come and see for yourself how Montessori children develop their independence, take responsibility for their learning, and learn and grow as individuals under the careful guidance of our skilled and experienced teachers.

About Madison Community Montessori School

Madison Community Montessori School was founded as a non-profit, AMI accredited school (Association Montessori Internationale) and has served families from the greater Madison area since 1972.  Throughout the years our goal has been to provide the very best in Montessori education.

We now enroll over 150 students in our Toddler Community (15 – 36 months), three Children’s House classrooms (3 – 6 years), two Lower Elementary classrooms (6 – 9 years), one Upper Elementary classroom (9 – 12 years), and one Adolescent classroom (12 – 14 years). In addition, we offer programs for before and after school care.

Philosophy & Mission

We view the Montessori approach to education as a true “aid to life” where each child is given freedom with limitations, in a structured, prepared environment, to experience the joys of learning and to discover his/her own potential.

For a general overview of Montessori education, see our overview of the Montessori Method.

Mission Statement

Respecting children and their natural joy of discovery.

“Independence is a necessity if the child’s drive to develop is to be realized.”
—  Maria Montessori, Childhood to Adolescence