May 12, 2020

A Message From the Head of School: The 2020-21 School Year
Vicki McCarthy

Many of you are wondering what life at MCMS will look like in the fall, and the MCMS team is collectively wondering the same thing. Given the uncertainty that still surrounds COVID-19, our best answer right now is that we don’t yet know. Rest assured we are exploring all of the possibilities, which will largely be guided by local and state government input. As decisions are made around a more comprehensive, defined plan for 2020-21, we will share this information quickly with our school community.

We have begun brainstorming a number of options, which range from everyone returning in-person to school in the fall to a continuation of our Learning from Home approach, to a few options in between (such as part-time schedules, hybrid models of in-person and Learning-from-Home plans, with any in-person attendance including social distancing measures similar to those being implemented now in other parts of the world. Vicki is meeting weekly with Kathleen Franzen, MCMS’next Head of School, so that when Kathleen joins the MCMS team on July 1, conversations and planning can continue seamlessly. All options are being considered, while keeping in mind the safety of our whole community, the needs of our students/families/personnel, and our facilities and communication capacities. You have our promise that no matter what form learning takes in the upcoming school year, we remain dedicated to delivering our MCMS mission of respecting children and their natural joy of discovery.

As we continue to define the possibilities for fall, we are simultaneously working to procure equipment we will need, keeping an open mind to all options, and continuing to gather information daily in order to make our best decision. We remain fully committed to our MCMS community, and are relying on our ability to remain flexible, while upholding our Montessori principles. One thing is for certain; in this time of learning from home, we have seen so very many examples of students and adults being courageous and creatively solving problems together – two hallmarks of an MCMS education.