Madison Community Montessori School has been recognized by AMI since its founding in 1972.

The AMI school recognition program was initiated in the United States to assist parents in assessing whether schools are following Montessori’s principles and practices in their original integrity and completeness. It is upon these standards that AMI recognition is granted.

A school applies to become an AMI-Montessori school annually. The recognition status is based upon the training of their teachers as well as their compliance with the pedagogical standards. There are three different status levels offered:

AMI Recognized

To receive an AMI Certificate of Recognition a school must be in compliance with all of the AMI standards, the most significant of which is that there is an AMI-trained head teacher at the appropriate age level in each classroom. Other standards include availability of the complete set of Montessori materials, number of children present, 3-year mixed-age classes and extended work periods of 3 hours.

For schools that do not meet all of the standards, AMI/USA offers two alternatives:

AMI/USA Affiliated

To qualify for affiliated status, 80% of the head teachers must hold the appropriate AMI diploma and the school must meet all other AMI standards.

AMI/USA Associated/Public Schools

To qualify for the associated status, 50% of the head teachers must hold an AMI diploma, and at least one must be teaching at the appropriate age level. The associated status is also a transitional category for schools that are in the process of developing programs that meet all of the AMI standards.

For more information, please visit the AMI/USA website.